the Merrimon-Wynne House

The Merrimon-Wynne House is located at 500 North Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27604. Both the ceremony and the reception will be located at the house.


Parking is provided for guests of Merrimon-Wynne at the parking lot behind Burning Coal Theater off of Polk Street. Parking is available all day Saturday, and you are welcome to leave your car overnight.


For our out of town guests, we will be providing a shuttle service from the Marriott City Center to the Merrimon-Wynne House.


We have reserved a block of rooms at the Raleigh Marriott City Center in downtown Raleigh. The block rate is available from April 10-12, and reservations must be made by March 10.

The Marriott website has been having some problems booking for our room block. If you are not able to reserve a room with our custom link, reserve one through the main website, then let us know by sending an email to We will make sure you get the group rate.

Reservations By Phone

Reservations can be made over the phone by calling 1-888-236-2427. Make sure to say that your reservation is for the Citron/Hazinski Wedding to get the room block rate.

Ryan Hardin - best man

Ryan and I met freshmen year at NC State where we both studied Computer Science. Senior year we were roommates and co-interns at NetApp in RTP.

Ryan is an awesome guy, and an excellent friend. He is smart, kind, and always there to help me out when I need it. Him and his wife Gabrielle were the first of my close friends to get married, and their love and marriage has been a great model for me.

Jonathan Hazinski - groomsman

Jonathan is my oldest brother, and arguably the most “extreme” of us kids. He is always mountain biking or motocross racing or jumping off something high. He brewed beer professionally at several different breweries over the years, and he now works on motorcycles for BMW.

I’ve always looked up to him, not only because of all the interesting stuff he does, but because he is such a genuinely good guy.

Matt Hazinski - groomsman

Matt is my next oldest brother, and is an incredibly creative guy. It seems like he can build anything out of anything else. He’s an excellent welder, builder, mechanic, and more. He also enjoys hiking, sailing, playing music, and animals. He kept mice and snakes when we were younger, but has also had dogs, goats, chickens, and fish. Alison and I have such a great time whenever we visit Matt in Asheville, hiking and exploring the mountains.

Jason Hazinski - groomsman

Jason is my “little” brother, although he’s the tallest of us kids. He's nearest in age to me, so growing up we were always close. We would do pretty much everything together, and I had so much fun playing games with him. Jason is a talented musician and is also very creative.

I really admire his energy and his drive to pursue his passions. I had a blast being in his wedding two years ago, and I'm excited to have a great time with him in my wedding.

Daniel Citron - groomsman

Daniel is Alison’s younger brother and a student at UNC Charlotte where he is majoring in Business and minoring in Computer Science. Lucky for me, he is a great guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. We've spent several Citron family vacations together, and we always have a good time. I'm excited to be gaining him as a brother, and I'm especially excited that this will be his first wedding where he can legally drink!

Drake Davis - groomsman

Drake and I were in the Computer Science program together, and we lived together my senior year, the same time Alison and I started dating. We had so much fun living together, and he was always so encouraging of Alison and my relationship.

Alison and I have had so many fun times hanging out with Drake and his girlfriend Kate at the apartment, and we still love hanging out with them whenever we can.

The BFFs (It’s a Tier, Not a Person)
Liz Walters - maid of honor

Liz and I met while attending the NC State College of Design. While we first bonded over making Halloween costumes and crummy roommates, we quickly learned we had a lot more in common and became close friends.

Liz is fun loving and hilarious, but also down for long talks about whatever’s on your mind, which makes her a perfect BFF. She is both adventurous and organized, which means she’s often the one initiating fun activities that take me out of my comfort zone, but are always worth it!

Although she broke my heart by moving to Boston after school, she is doing great things up there. It is so fun to visit her, and see her doing so well in her new city.

Elizabeth Eckley - matron of honor

Elizabeth and I met when I was born, and as cousins, we grew up together. As a kid, our visits were always so fun, and we would find all kinds of ways to get into trouble, and as adults, not much has changed, except trouble usually means eating too many snacks. Elizabeth lives in Ohio with her husband, Joe, and we usually enjoy visits at least once or twice a year!

After tearing up the dance floor at so many family weddings, and having a blast being in her wedding couple years ago, I am excited for us to dance the night away at my own wedding!

Gabrielle Hardin - bridesmaid

Gabie and I met through Ryan and David - they lived together their last year of college, and as the girlfriends, we would see a lot of each other. It was only after Gabie moved back to Raleigh, and we began a weekly tradition of craft + game night that we learned how much we had in common.

Gabie and I are now business partners for One & Only Custom Stationery, and probably have way more fun than two people should at their jobs. She makes me laugh so hard I cry at least once a day, and is always amazing me with her creativity. Her kindness and strength are a constant source of inspiration, and I am so glad we are friends.

Jessica Bruckman - bridesmaid

The first time I realized Jessica was a special person was my junior year of college. I was at studio, and I was having a really bad week - I remember feeling so sad and alone. Jessica and I weren’t close, but that day she came up to me out of nowhere and gave me the biggest hug, and told me everything was going to be okay, at the exact moment that I really needed it.

Jessica lives in LA with her husband Dawson and their two adorable dogs, Robbie and Griffin. Although we don’t see each other as frequently as I would like, we talk a lot online and through text - she is a great advice giver and has excellent style tips.

Kellsie Hazinski - bridesmaid

Kellsie is my future sister in law. After growing up wishing I had a sister, I feel so lucky to be joining a family where I get two. Kellsie and I are lucky to share a lot of common interests - the beach, decorating, tequila, and Hazinskis, just to name a couple

Kellsie is a very sweet and nurturing person - she and Jason just recently rescued a kitten off the street and nursed her back to health. She is also really fun to be around, and throws a great party!

Madalyn Sowar - bridesmaid

Madalyn is my cousin, and Elizabeth’s sister! Even though growing up it always felt like she was so much younger (5 whole years!) it has been fun getting to know her as a person through college and beyond. We share a lot of common interests, like decorating, fashion, and whatever recipe we’re currently obsessed with (she is the blended drink master). Madalyn currently attends Notre Dame and is doing great things.


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